Mystic Realms Faire is now OPEN

Mystic Realms Faire just opened its doors and it is so exciting to see so many fantasy inspired creations by all these awesome designers, spread through 2 sims.

Most of my creations is pretty much Unisex (the guys will just have to make some things bigger :) ) – apart from the Linked Lovers but those have a male and female version.
There is a lot of new stuff, so let me start right away :)

Entwined Silhouette

Really big beautiful horns. “Entwined” are the actual horns with metal decoration. “Entwined Silhouette” consists of the metal skeleton itself :)
The horns are available as single colours, an also in a Fatpack each with all 4 colours

Leather Headbands with beads and an animal tooth.
Available in three colours and in a fatpack

Facial decoration around the eyes in 3 metals or fatpack

Nose-ears chain. Available in three metals and in a fatpack

*~*Linked Lovers*~*
Linked Lovers
A chain necklace collar piece. These are available for guys and for girls (the shape in the top of the back and the neck is different for guys and girls so I had to make different versions, resizing doesn’t cut it.)
They are available in three colours, and in a female fatpack and a male fatpack

The Fair will open on October 10th and will run until the 26th. Come on by and get awesome stuff!
Taxi to Mystic Realms Faire

HopScotch is sweet – Candy Fair is open

Candy Fair is now OPEN! Woohooo so excited. And I have new stuff for you. Check it out :)

*~*Cotton Candy Machine *~*
These are old fashioned Cotton Candy Machines in pink, blue and yellow. They are sold as single colours. And when touched one gets a folder with candy cotton to hold.
Cotton Candy Machine (Pink)
Cotton Candy Machine (Blue)
Cotton Candy Machine (Yellow)

*~*Sugar Pearls*~*
These are colourful armbands, included are right and left versions. Sold by single colours and in a fatpack
Sugar Pearls

*~*Yummibear Earrings Gacha*~*
This is a fun gacha with gummybear earrings! 10 commons and 3 rare colours.
Yummibear Earrings

As some of you know last year for Candy Fair I had stockings in Candy Colours “Dotted Stockings”. They were SLink feet compatible at that time. Now I have updated them to ALSO support SLink Physique, you can find them there as well. IF you bought them at last year’s fair or ever since then, you have been sent an update. If you did not receive that, check the redelivery terminal in the mainstore :)

Taxi to HopScotch @ Candy Fair
Taxi to HopScotch @ Candy Fair Gacha Garden

Survive the Horror – Level Up is OPEN

I’ve got brand new releases for “LEVEL UP” which opened today! Not holding long speeches, but just showing you what you can get :)

What is lurking in the dark? Did you feel the breath on your neck? Did you hear the creaking of the wood? Did you see the shine in the corner of your eye? This Coffin is for all the creatures lurking in the dark, needing a comfy shelter.
It includes 8 static poses, and the picture on the coffin can of course be changed to any one of your liking ;)
You dare to wake me?!

So you are new to the whole survival thing, eh? No worries we all have been there. Here are a bunch of books that will teach you the most important things.
These books are a gacha, 5 commons, 1 rare. Check it out:
Survival Guides Gacha

Taxi to Level Up

The Fantasy Collective is open

The new round of the Fantasy Collective is open and the Theme is the ‘Bayou’. One of the things that come to mind when hearing that word is Voodoo and that is what I was going with. One deco piece and one pose pack!

Stick a needle in my eye

Taxi to the Fantasy Collective

Love Ulaa!

Love Ulaa is a fundraising event which aims to raise at least $200 towards sending Ulaa Coronet to visit her terminally ill mother. She has raised half of her target herself through gofundme. Now it’s time for the SL community to step in and lend a loving hand to one of our own.

A shopping event will run from the 14 – 18 August.

For this event I have two special exclusive colours of two of my SLink shoes. These colours are unique and will never be sold again after the event. Never ever ever!

Almera Turquoise

Taxi to <3 Ulaa

Big Bang Heels for Dreaming Tree

This weekend is “Dreaming Tree” time for ‘Weird Science’ :)

I have a brand new fun pair of heels for you, for SLink Mid Feet!

Big Bang Heels

Only for this weekend they are 50% off – yes only 125L !!! Come and grab them now at the Mainstore!


The Perfect Wave for The Co-op

The Co-op is an awesome themed event and this round that has just opened enjoys the theme: Bondi Beach! Lots of Beach stuff for the summer that will hopefully stay for a bit.

I have a super cool surfboard for you, actually 8 surfboards. 8 different textures available as single purchases to fit your own style. It also is available as a fatpack, which is HUD driven texture change.

The Perfect Wave
The Perfect Wave Overview

Each board comes with a Male and Female version, with pre-adjusted poses, that are all unisex. If they still don’t fit your height you can still fine tune the adjustments via script.

Taxi to The Co-op


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