Sexy times at Poser Pavilion

Here is a brand new release for you for “The Poser Pavilion” – Theme is “Dangerous Liaisons” and i have super hot and sexy couple poses for you!

Available for 100L$ each – can be tested at location :)

Taxi To Poser Pavilion

Birthday Sale

It is my birthday today and to celebrate with you, I am having a 35% off sale today and tomorrow. Midnight to Midnight end of Friday.

Birthday Sale

The discount only is for the Mainstore, not event locations. This includes poses, pose props. SLink appliers/Stockings/Shoes, boots and everything else in the mainstore. Event boohts are not included only the store!

Store Credit applies and gift options are in the vendors :)

Enjoy your shopping spree :)

OMGacha and Oneword are open!

Two events started today! OneWord with the theme be Wonderland and OMGacha!

Oneword is a bi monthly event evolving around a word each round. This round the word is ‘Wonderland’ and you can imagine a lot of awesome fantastical stuff. I have a wall clock as decoration for you that is modeled after the pocket watch carried by the white rabbit, though the Clockface is rather special. Take a look:

Too Late

You can get it here

OMGacha is a fantastic big gacha event and I have a really fun item for you this time. Novelty glasses. Check them out:
They are looking at you kid

You can get them here

Hope you enjoy!

Rhapsody is open with ROCKING new releases!

Rhapsody is a fantastic event all around MUSIC! It opened just a few minutes ago and will be there until June 12th. Several Music Genres are present like Punk, Disco, Country, Jazz, Pop and more. The genre I am in is CLASSIC ROCK! Yeah Baby! And here are the brand new rocking releases for this awesome event:

Rock your world - Rhapsody
Dive in - Rhapsody
Carry on Rocking- Rhapsody
Hang on Rocking - Coming soon to Rhapsody

Get on your hot E-Guitar or your drumkit, saddle your mic and head on over to Rhapsody! You will get a map at the landing point, but it’s really worth to just go everywhere! So much awesome stuff :D

The Dreaming Tree – Atomic

The Dreaming Tree is part of The Liaison Collaborative! The Dreaming Tree comes to you every Saturday and Sunday with a number of participating stores following a set theme with items at amazing prices! This weekend’s theme is: ATOMIC!

I have a set of frames for you with a cute quote on it. They are 3D Mesh and the set has one static version and one with sparkling stars. The set will be for sale for 50% off (100L) during this weekend (14th/15th June) for Dreaming Tree. After that it will go to 200L!

Tiny Stories

Taxi to Mainstore

Fantasy Fair is Open

The Annual Fantasy Fair is back, and I’m so very excited to be part of it. There are so many fantastic designers, and each of them have at least 2 items for sale that are set to 100% donation for RFL. If that is no reason to go there right now, I don’t know.

These are my new items that are for sale at the fair:
Oaken Companion (Part 2)

And the following two items are set to 100% Donation for RFL
Oaken Companion (Part 1)
Luna RFL
The RFL Headbands are a special color and combo. The rainbow color gem version will never ever be sold again and they come in a gold/silver pack.

Taxi to HopScotch at the Fantasy Fair

Enchanted is here!

I am thrilled and excited to be part of this fabulous event “Enchanted”, which happens every 3 months and is all about Fairy Tales. This round’s fairy tale is “Sleeping Beauty”.

My item for this event is a spinning wheel pose prop “100 years of sleep”.
100 years of Sleep

When you buy the item and unpack it (I have build enabled in my store for the duration of the event for this purpose), you will find a Stamp Card in your folder. Now what is that for?

Every participating store has not only a stamp card in their item(s) but also a Stamp Machine in their store. Attach your stamp card and go to every participating store, hit the stamp machine and once your card is full you can go to the prize location and choose 1 of 20 prices per card.
These Prizes are absolutely 100% exclusive to this event and will never ever be sold again!

Note: You can attach more than 1 stamp card when you get your stamps! And the cards are transferable, so in case you have more cards than you need you can pass it to a friend :)

My stamp prize is this set of quote frames, in 3D Mesh.
Quoting Beauty

Taxi to Mainstore
Taxi to Prize Location
List of Participating store SLURLs and instructions (in more detail)


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