Pose Fair is OPEN! WEEEEEE

POSE FAIR IS FINALLY OPEN WEEE Yes I am yelling because i’m excited! A ton of awesome pose designers have poses, animations, pose props and more for your pleasure. AND WEE I AM ONE OF THEM. Check out the following to know what you can find from *~*HopScotch*~*

Single Poses:
Peyton, Daytona and Brooklyn are packs of 5 poses each:
Coming Soon- Peyton
Coming Soon- Daytona
Coming Soon- Brooklyn

Single Poses with Wearable Props:
The SLavatars is inspired by the beloved game ‘The Sims’ as you will see. It is a set of 4 poses with included Bubbles
Coming Soon - TheSLavatars

With the Wind is a set that is one of my all time favourites. I wanted to do this for ages and finally got the skill to do the fabric parts that are floating in the wind. It is a set of 5 poses. The cloth is included for both hands in sheer and solid.
Coming Soon- With the wind

Pose Prop:
I see the lights is a pose prop with 10 poses. They all work single wise apart from ‘Together (m)’ which is made to work with ‘Together (f)’. Included are a single lantern and a cluster of 10 lanterns. They do glow and have light effects. Since the lanterns are modifiable you can change the amount or turn it off. (The lantern consists of 2 pieces so if you want to change the light you’ll have to select the part with edit linked parts).
Coming Soon - I see the light

Hope you all love them and are as excited as me! Now I’m not going to hold you back any longer, grab the landmark and check it out!
Taxi to the Pose Fair!

Become a Princess!

“Fit for a Princess” is a new event that has its first round right now! It features fantastic designers who are doing everything to make you feel like the princess you are.

My items are the following:

*~* Dorothy *~*
These are shoe-addons for SLink’s medium feet. They are glittery and fabulous with a tiny little crown on top. They come in 8 different colours!

*~* Amira Tiaras *~*
This set of Tiaras is a GACHA. They come in 5 gems, each gold and silver seperately. AND in addition two rares one gold one silver with rainbow gems.
Amira Tiara Gacha

Taxi to ‘Fit for a Princess’

Genre’s Merfolk Round is open

Genre started its new round, this time with the theme “Merfolk”. I’m happy to be part of it! This is what you’ll find from *~*HopScotch*~*

This is a pose set, or rather two. One works with mermaid tails and another without for leg swimmers :) The Tridents for the poses are included.
Mer-Warrior Tail
Mer-Warrior Legs

Scales Nails
These are applier nailpolish for feet and hands and nails from SLink.
Scale Nails

Hope you all enjoy!

Taxi to Genre

Oneword is open

Oneword is a bi-monthly event that gives designers one word to get inspired by for their designs. I am happy to be part of this brand new event. The first round’s word is “Tragedy” and it is fascinating and awesome to see all the different interpretations of that word in the designs of the participating designers. The event runs until March 31st.

When I read “Tragedy” my first thought went right to the theater, so I based my items on it the Drama and Tragedy masks!

Laugh and Cry
Laugh and Cry (Deco)

And this special item is a group gift that you can get by joining the Oneword Group and visiting the Gift and Info booth at the landing zone
Laugh And Cry SLink Nails

Taxi to Oneword

The Fantasy Collective is now open!

This month’s round of “The Fantasy Collective” is now open. As always you will find a lot of awesome designs made by a lot of awesome designers, based on ‘Fantasy’. There was an optional theme as well: Arabian Nights. As it was rather inspiring I went with it and have the following for you:

Almera are shoes for SLink’s Flat barefeet (which are NOT included of course). They are available in eight colours!

Hips don't lie
A set of 5 poses inspired by Bellydance!

Taxi to The Fantasy Collective

Genre’s Fae Round is open!

Genre is back! This time the theme is ‘Fae’ and there are a lot of different Faes out there. I’m thrilled to be part of it and am offering the following item:

To the moon and back

A beautiful Moon Pose Prop with six different poses for your fairy pleasure!

Taxi to Genre

Final Fantasy Festival is OPEN

The “Final Fantasy Festival” will be running from 7th to 21st February. It features everything Final Fantasy, Roleplay,, Sci-Fi. Steampunk, cyberpunk and more! Here is what you’ll find from *~*HopScotch*~* at the event:

Posepacks with 5 poses including the sword, based on Buster the sword of Cloud in Final Fantasy. Available in Female and Male version seperately.

Cyber Visor
A prop attachment that makes it look as if your eyes are projecting something onto a screen in front of you. The screen is slightly animated.
Cyber Visor - Coming Soon

Leaving the Grid
A couple pose based on the Poster of “Tron Legacy” – costumes and props are NOT included, it’s only the pose.
Leaving The Grid - Coming soon

These are SLink fingernails/toenails in neon coloured wires :)
Wired - Coming Soon

Warriors of Light Quote Frames
These are Gacha items. Frames with quotes from Final Fantasy games and movies :) 6 commons 2 rares
Warriors of Light Quote Frames - Gacha

Taxi to FFF

Surreal Complex

‘The Surreal Complex’ in February for an unforgettable surreal experience. Admire works of art in the museum. Wander through the fairy tale forest and try not to get eaten or poisoned by the plants. Explore and fly through the cloudy dreams. This is a shopping event that is also a very creative exhibit showing off what creators in SL can do.

The themes are ‘Art’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Fairy Tales’. The later theme is where you’ll find HopScotch in. I’m thrilled and excited and will show you what I’ll have to offer there.

Catch me a star
Based on Grimm’s Fairy tale “Sterntaler” (Star money, Star Talers) this is a pose with a wearable prop of falling stars. Available are gold and silver seperately.
Catch me a star silver
Catch me a star gold

Under the sea
This pose prop is based on the photography if Julie de Waroquier. When I saw it I had this piece of story in my mind:
“After a while in the world of the two legged, she wanted to go back to the sea. But she and her prince had moved and there was no water around. Only the little bit of undersea world in the aquarium. Maybe this was the way home…”
Under the sea

The event starts on February 1st and ends March 2nd.

Taxi to the Surreal Complex

Cupcake Festival!

Atelier Creslo has a new fun event. The Cupcake Festival! Several Designers came together and made cute, sweet, fascinating cupcakes for you guys. All the cupcakes are only available during the festival and every Cupcake is available for only 40L.

HopScotch has Regeneration Cupcakes for you, inspired by our loved Doctor Who: “Cupcakes are cool” and “Would you like a Jelly bean?” Hope you’ll enjoy the yummy treat!

Regeneration Cupcakes

Taxi to the Cupcake Festival


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