“Kiss the cook” @ My Attic

“My Attic” opened its doors with this round’s theme “My favourite thing”. Since I already made tons of geeky stuff, I show you my other favourite thing. It’s basically food and the smell of it when it comes fresh from the oven or stove. To make smell in SL is not really possible so I bring you an Apron / Ovenmitt set in 6 colors, and each colour in two versions.

Kiss the Cook
Kiss the Cook overview

Taxi to My Attic

Winter’s Dream for Poser Pavilion

I do have a brand new release for you. This time for the Poser Pavilion. There are a lot of great designers not only for this event but at the same location also for the Boutique and the Garden! So many beautiful things for you!

*~*Hopscotch*~*’s participation item is a Music box for Avatars! A “Winter’s dream”.

Winter's Dream

This music box includes a rotating Lake that puts you into a beautiful Music box doll dance. And when you touch the wooden part it will also play a dreamy music box melody. Come to the Pavilion and test it, I’ve put one of these pretties out to demo :)

Taxi to the Poser Pavilion

Oh my Gacha!

This month is another round of Oh my Gacha, and with the whole move and no move thing I totally forgot to tell you about it! Sorry about that!

So here we go!

Oh my Gacha is, as the name has probably told you already, a gacha event! And i made super cute SLink Addon Flats with bows for you. 8 common colours and 2 rares – 50L per play.

Be advised that you need the SLink Flat feet for these. You can try to put them on avatar feet, or toodledoos or petites, but there is no guarantee that they will fit.

Vevina Gacha


Riding a high wheeler for Genre’s “Victorian” round!

Genre’s new round has opened! The theme this time is “Victorian” and you’ll find a lot of goodness in the beautiful victorian christmas market set-up. You can get them all until January 12th!

I had a lot of fun playing with an old fashioned penny farther (also known as high-wheeler). The mesh bike comes in a male and a female version, both with the same 6 poses, but adjusted to male or female shapes and size. They are available for 100L each during the event.

Take a ride female
Take a ride male

Also available as a 10L item is this pose including a sculpted umbrella. Take a stroll :)
Fancy a Walk

Taxi to Genre

Covert affairs, Invitation only Hunt & Advent Calendar!!

It’s December and a new month needs new stuff! New events started so I’ve got exciting stuff to share.

Covert Affairs: The main Event – Winter started today! This is an event that happens half in a collective event location and half in the mainstores of participating designers. The new releases consist of two parts one in each location. So check them all out!

My items are as follows: At the event Location:
Snowy Stockings

At my Mainstore location:
Harvest Winter
This colour of the boots will never be available again and only for the Main Event, so take your chance. :)

The Invitation only Hunt also started today! A handselected number of stores participate in this great hunt offering you awesome prizes in their stores. All you have to do is find the envelope (hunt item). More info you can find on their blog here, also preview of prizes. My prize are these SLink Flats. They are a hunt exclusive colour of a future release. This colour will never be available again after the hunt.
Vevina - Invitation only hunt

And we are having an Advent Calendar again this year. From 1st to 24th of December there will be a 1L item daily. Every day for only 24 hours. Items can vary from partial items from the store to new or not yet released things. Be surprised and have fun :)
Advent Calendar

Taxi to Covert Affairs Event location
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50% Black Friday Sale

Tomorrow is Black Friday! And *~*HopScotch*~* joins in the fun and has a Black Friday Sale until Sunday!

50% OFF of everything in the mainstore – except are gachas. That also includes Gift Cards. The vendor for these is on the desk, with instructions :)

Come on shopping your little or big heart out :)

Black Friday Sale


Geeks’n’Nerd Fair!!!

Here it is finally! The Geek’n’Nerd Fair! The fair is open now and will run until December 8th and is full of geeky nerdy goodness!

I have lots of brand new items for you!

Kiss the cook
These are geeky Aprons, my very first rigged mesh item btw, for guys and girls, both are included as fatpack. Three aprons are Dr Who inspired, the other three are Star Trek Uniform inspired. Included for each Apron are 5 standard sizes for both genders. The Aprons are also material ready with a nice bump and shine if you use Advanced Lightning Model.
They are available as single versions, Trek Pack, Who Pack, and ALL Fatpack – demos are available
Kiss the Cook ApronsKiss the Cook - male Kiss the Cook-overview

SLink Flats
Inspired by a RL Blog for Do it yourself shoes I made this pair of flats for SLink natural feet. It might be possible to fit them to avatar feet, if you want to try feel free they are mod for that very reason :)
These flats are also inspired by Doctor who and you get two pairs: Bowtie Flats and Blue Box Flats. You can wear them as pairs or mix and match just as you like :)
Demos are available with resizer script, the actual shoes do not have that script inside.
Who Flats

It doesn’t do wood
This is a pose set, also inspired by Dr Who (surprise! lol). These poses include a mesh sonic screwdriver to work with the poses. It comes with 10 poses and should work for both genders – yay unisex!
It doesn't do wood

Geekucation Gacha
Now this gacha is full of books! Every book inside is handmade, including the textures. The titles of the books is where the fun comes in. 13 different versions, and all of them are inspired by different fandoms. From Star Wars, over Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dr Who, Harry Potter, Firefly and many many more. These books do not have real titles, they are all made up by me with help from friends.
Every prize comes with a holdable and a rezzable version of the books, each of them is 1LI
For an overview over the books in a proper size to actually read them please go here (Open in new tab/window to see a big size)

Taxi to the Geeks’n’Nerds Fair!!

My Attic is open

‘My Attic’ is a themed event happening on ‘The Deck’ Sim. I’m thrilled to be part of it again. This rounds theme is “Baby it’s cold outside”. For this occasion I created autumn boots called ‘Harvest’. They come in 8 colours, are resizable to really small or big sizes and with that should work for everyone.

They are also material ready (You will need a material-compatible viewer and Advanced Lightning model active to see them)

Harvest - 'My Attic'

Taxi to My Attic

Genre ‘BDSM’ round is now open!

Genre is a monthly event that shows different parts of Second Life with a new theme every month. The round started today and will run until December 12th.

This month’s theme is BDSM. The item is a hook device for your kinky pleasure, to be placed at the ceiling to make the occupant hang from it in different positions. It includes 10 single person poses and the cuffs for arms and legs.
The cuffs and hook are Lockguard compatible which makes the chain particles appear as soon you hop on the hook :)

To see the Add please check behind the cut. The picture is NSFW so I did not want to show it in the main part of the post :)

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Trick or Treat Neighbourhood is open!

‘Trick or Treat Neighbourhood’ is a Halloween event for everyone. The sim is built with SL kids in mind, a place for their parents to bring them for trick or treating on Halloween. But also without kids everyone is welcome to enjoy! Several designers come together, decorate their houses and offer some treats… or tricks ;)

Come on over and find *~*HopScotch*~*’s treat for you:
Cutie Pumpkin for Trick or Treat

Taxi to the Trick or Treat Neighbourhood


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