Romp and Candy Fair are here!


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After a rather quiet month, this month will be filled with tons of new things! All through the month you’ll receive notices from me but let us start with the events that opened today!

First for your sweet-tooth: CANDY FAIR!
Yep another year has come around and I’m happy to be part of the sweetest fair in all of Second life. Releases all around candy can be found. Here are mine:

Lolipop Lights – available in four single colours AND as fatpack
My friend doug
Drippy Chocolate Wings White
Drippy Chocolate Wings Brown
Sugar Pearls Mouthie Gacha

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And then something for the kinksters out there. ROMP FAIR is here again and I have the honor to be part of it again. The fair all around the kinky side of life.

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Fantasy Collective is open


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The Fantasy collective is here!!


Every colour on the pic is included, in all three metals each.

When buying, just buy the wanted colour and each colour has the three metal versions included.
Multi as a colour means that there are 6 different coloured flowers on the headband (like visible on my head on the poster).

It is also available as fatpack.

Hope you’ll enjoy.

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Magical Staffs for Fantasy Collective

The Fantasy Collective is open and I have newness for you!

“Power of the Moon” are staffs for your magical needs. The staff comes in four elements: Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Each element comes in a version for your back and one for your hand, and each in gold and silver – so you basically get 4 staffs per element. The staff is NOT weapon scripted. But the big gem hovers up and down and the stars on the handle are moving slowly. (You can see all that at the location, I have rezzed the staffs out.)

Power of the Moon

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Create your own Tarot is open

Create your own Tarot – High Priestess opened its doows. The event will run until May 31st.

I have made pretty new headbands, that come in 10 different gem colours, with 2 metal options for the metal parts and the coins. The fatpack HUD has all of the gems and the metals in them. The single colour HUDs come only with the metal and coin parts to change.

Insight Headband

Taxi to “Create your own Tarot”

It’s romping time (NSFW)


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I am super thrilled to say that I am in this month’s Romp Monthly round. The items I made are Not suitable for work or kids.

First we have “Label me” – this is a decorative sign to hang up on your walls and label the boy or girl sitting, kneeling, standing or whatever next to it.
It includes two HUDs. One for the owner of the purchase, and one to transfer. So if you are a sub/bottom/slave/kitten etc. that wants to buy this pack, you can give one of the HUDs to your play partner/dominant/Lord/King, etc. and they can change the sign whenever they like. :)

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Hunting time

Two hunts are going on right now that I’m participating in the Wayward Hunt and the Hunt for your inner sl*t hunt. Both items are hidden in the mainstore (click link for SLurl to store).

Here you can see the prizes:

Wayward hunt
Springtime Neon lights

You can find the pictures to all items and more information on their website – HINT: The hunter and the doctor are watching over me.

NSFW warning!

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Gorean Gacha and Pose Fair!

Two events have opened their doors to the public! Gorean Gacha and Pose Fair! Let’s see what I got for you!

~* Gorean Gacha *~
Delilah Headpiece
Caste Wallhangers

Taxi to Gorean Gacha!

~* Pose Fair *~
My Jam

Pose me pretty 1
Pose me pretty 2

Dancing Blades 1
Dancing Blades 2
Dancing blades is MOSTLY unisex, there are pose stands to try out the poses in the pose fair booth, so if you are guy, you can test if they work for you :)

Taxi to Pose Fair!

Romp Fresh is open!

For those that do not know what Romp Fresh is, here is a quote from the official website:

We are absolutely delighted to announce ROMP’s winter fair, Fresh! Like our original summer fair, Fresh 2015 is focused on elegant kink, adult items (from skins to hairs to clothes, accessories, and decor) impeccably made from some of the best designers on the grid.
If you’re not familiar with ROMP, our first fair – held in July of 2014 – was a small (just over thirty designers) fair that had a BIG impact. In addition to seeing mainstream designers start creating more and more adult and kinky items, we’ve been delighted to see more events, both one-shots and regular adult events, popping up all over the grid.
To celebrate this surge in fantastic adult content and community in SL, we’re launching our second event – this time with an innovative, contemporary spin.

And I am honored and excited to be part of this fantastic fair! The following items are offered brand spanking new for the fair:

Pretty Doll
14 Poses (9 stands, 5 Kneels)
positions adjustable
RLV scripted
(Lock, Gag, Prevent sitter
from using menu,
expandable/customizable via notecard)
Available in brown and whitewash
2 Land Impact

Blindfold Visor - Coming Soon
A list of included labels can be found HERE (I made this a link because there are some NSFW words among them)
HUD-driven customization:
– 18 Labels (words, symbols for everyone – not only subs ;) )
– Visor and lights tintable
RLV scripted:
– Lock/unlock
– Blind (3 stages)
– Hide names (Tags and Chat)
– Show/hide Blindfold Visor
Unscripted versions included
Female & male sizes included
Materials and Non Materials versions included
Free future updates

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