Get Kinky with ROMP (NSFW)


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ROMP is back, so come on over to get your kink on!

This time I have several items for you. The pictures are below the cut because you know they are not suitable for work or around little kids.

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Huggable Elephants @ Gacha Garden


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It’s that time again! Gacha Garden is open! ๐Ÿ˜€

This round is full of cuteness for you. “Ellie” can’t wait to be in your arms! Huggable Elephants in 10 different colours, 9 commons and 1 rare. And for every 20 pulls you receive a super special “Holo” Edition that won’t ever be sold and will be retired after Gacha Garden closes. So make sure you come and get yours ๐Ÿ˜€

Ellie Holo SOI
Ellie Display

Taxi to Gacha Garden

Gacha Guardians is back

It’s that time again! Gacha Guardians is open! ๐Ÿ˜€

This time I have a bunch of “Shame on me” signs for you. Know someone who might need one? Or are you “guilty” of some of these yourself? Go and grab them for yourself. You can get 16 Commons and 2 Rares!

Shame on me

And for every 15th play you will get this special Gift of the Guardians that won’t be available any more after the event ๐Ÿ˜€

Shame on me - GOG

Each sign includes the holding post with bento finger posing, can be used without bento hands too ๐Ÿ™‚

Taxi to Gacha Guardians

Shoetopia is back for more!


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Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Shoetopia back for their fall edition. And I’m so thrilled to be part of it ๐Ÿ˜€

This time around I have some cute dotted Wellies for you to enjoy the rainy days of fall.

Rainy Days

These Wellis are unrigged. That means you can adjust them to your body, no matter which body it is by repositioning and resizing them. So no matter if you are wearing SLink, Maitreya, Belleza, Signature or whatever other body, try them out. The demo has a resizing script to test if it works with your body.

That also makes them unisex so boys and girls, get your feet into them wellies and jump puddles to your heart’s content. ๐Ÿ™‚

Taxi to Shoetopia!



Cuddle Pillows at Gacha Garden!


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It’s Gacha Garden time again and I’m happy to be part of it. This time I’ve got cuddle pillows for you that show exactly what you want to say.

Cuddle Pillows
Cuddle Pillow Weird SOI

All pillows come with the displayed hug pose, that with your AOs, dances and such. The Rare “Morning people” also includes a second bento anim to give the world the finger!

For every 20th play you receive the Seed of Inspiration.

Hope you’ll enjoy. Come on over and grab your own Pillow collection!

Paper Lanterns for The Season Story Summer Edition


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The Season Story is back with its summer round!

I went with summer beach parties and have released these lovely strings of paper lanterns. They come in a unicolor and a pattern version.

Paper Lanterns Solid Paper Lanterns Patterns

The lanterns can be posed independently for example for a windy picture or a tropical storm setting. Or you can just leave them as they are.

If the light is too dark, too light or the wrong color for your setting you can adjust them manually individually.

Taxi to The Season Story

Shine your Constellation @Gacha Guardians


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Gacha Guardians has started and I’m happy to be part of it!

This time I made some lovely wall lamps for you, showing your Zodiac Signs! All 12 Zodiac signs are common, but you can be a ‘Dragon’ for a RARE! Also for every 15th play you will receive one of two Gift of the Guardians, that will never ever be sold again after the event is over. The beautiful Constellations of Pegasus and Unicorn!

Zodiac Constellation Lamps Zodiac Constellation Lamps Constellation Lamps Gifts of the Guardians

And if you turn on your advanced lighting to allow light/shadows from Projectors you will be able to see the projection of the constellation against walls and other items. ๐Ÿ™‚

Taxi to Gacha Guardians

Magical ways to the fairy world atGacha Garden!


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Gacha Garden is here!

In my travels through the world of second life, I have come across the magical passways to the Fairy world. And now I am bringing them to you so you can invite these magical creatures into your home and land!

These fairy doors come in 10 commons, 1 Rare. And for every 20th play you receive the Seed of Inspiration that brings a fairy home into your book-shelves!

Fairy Door Gacha
Fairy Door Gacha Key
Fairy Doors Books Seed of Inspiration

Come on over and give a fairy a home in your realm! ๐Ÿ™‚



Pose Fair 2017 is here!


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Pose Fair 2017 is here! And I’m super excited to be part of it. I got several new releases for you:

Let's dance1
Let's dance2

These are two packs of Dance inspired poses. The hands are bento posed for each pose. If you do not have bento hands, don’t fret, you can still use them ๐Ÿ™‚

Handy Expressions2

Another Bento Hand Position HUD, the second in the series. 10 hand poses that can be used for both hands, or right and left independently, also mix and match. You do need bento hands for these, as only the hands are posed.

Taxi to Pose Fair

Hope you enjoy!

Spring has come to the Seasons Story


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This round or the Season Story brings to you: Spring.

Inspired by animals in spring I am bringing to you two new releases. First a regular release: The Spring Nest with little eggs that can be disabled and come in two textures changeable by HUD.

Spring Nest

And a Gacha release: The Molehill ๐Ÿ™‚

Molehills Gacha
Molehills Gacha Key

Taxi to Season Gacha