Need more luck? One coin at a necklace isn’t enough? How about 21 coins? Where? At our new I Ching Lucky Coin Belt.

In ancient times, Chinese I ching coins were part of the monetary system. No longer in use, these chinese coins have come to symbolize wealth and good fortune, thus used extensively for gift giving, weddings and chinese new year.

One side of our I ching lucky chinese coin features calligraphy symbolizing wealth, luck, contentment, and magnificence. The other side of our chinese lucky coin features a dragon and phoenix design which is very popular for weddings for it symbolizes a perfect match with male and female harmony and a balanced relationship!

Here are some information about the options.

Texturechanging gem:
Touch the belt and you will get a menu. That is for the texturechanging gemstone in the middle of the big front coin. You can change it to following gemstones:


And if you like to have the belt without a gemstone you can make it dissapear with “transparent” and even the little golden supports of the gem will vanish, so they won’t disturb.

And the Gemstone has a bling. If you like to turn it off type /1bling off and if you like to turn it back on use /1bling off

The belt is, except from the script, modifiable so you can change the size and stuff to your wished and needs, and before you do that, take a copy of it so you’ll have a backup 🙂 For that it is not transferable and no refunds are given. 😉


You can get the Belt and more in my inworld store *~*HopScotch*~* , Doomaekkot (114, 119, 41). Feel free to come in 🙂