Some time ago (around Christmas) i have been all excited when i got a message that Antonella Munro wants to mention me and my creations in a spanish blog because she wrote about Christmas outfits. I felt so honored and i am still totally excited because i would have never expect something like that 🙂

I got the message that we talked that much she has to divide the interview in two parts and i thought i let you partake in it. Since it is in spanish i try to translate it with a webtool, so please don’t kick me when the translation is rubbish, i try to get the worst mistakes *g*

For everyone who is able to read and understand spanish, here is the link to the Original Interview 😉

Why that headline? It was about 8 in the morning for me and 3 in the night for her, so we both sat there in our PJs and one of the images she made looked like two amazon rulers observing their empire 🙂 (You will see that picture a bit later 🙂 )

For the rest. Here ya go:

The Amazon in pyjamas: conversation with Chandni Khondji (I)


When, how and why did you come to SL and began to be employed at fashion?
I started because i worked at a club in SL and noticed that many people were using exactly the same. Then I decided to make something myself. It took me some time until what I was doing was looking like clothes (she laughs) but then it became better and better …

What inspired you to creating the suit that I saw in SLExchange (a set of four suits to combine that there is called ” Touch of Christmas ” (Touch of Christmas) and that it costs L750)
I believe that it was a suit that I saw in television in The Grinch. I liked and thought: ” It would be pretty to have this suit for me “. Due to my lack of skills with sewing in RL (she laughs) it had to materialize in SL.

What can you say to us about your life in RL?
I am under 30, close but less that 30 (smiles) and I live in Germany. In this moment I am not employed in RL but that does not mean that I don’t not have anything to do, my day is full of activities, the majority of which it is a creative work related to design, construction, art, writing of histories or of stories to represent in addition to, of course, the irritating tasks of the house as well as to enjoy the life my partner in RL.

How do you promote your work here?
Mouth to mouth at the moment and SLExchange.

What are you awaiting of SL in the future?
To be still happy with my partner in SL and to be able to keep on giving life to my creativity and to my ideas.

What has been the most gratifying and most difficult thing in your work in SL?
The most difficult thing has been to materialize the creations I had in my mind. In general, I have an exact idea of something in my mind but … well … to try to create something without the possibility of making a sketch first (smiles) … it needs a lot of suffering (she laughs) and determination and it never seems to come out perfect as I did want… But the most gratifying thing is when someone says to me that s/he likes what I do even if they do not buy it (she smiles).

Which has been your criterion to establish prices to your creations in SL?
My criterion is based on inverted time and I mix that with the consideration of other comparable products that are on the market. Sometimes I him ask friends if they believe that it is too much or not enough.

Can you share advices about designing in SL with our readership?
Never to give up, even if it is very complicated and one thinks that it is not going to be well. When you can imagine it, it is worth doing it.

Which has been the outfit that you are most proud of?
I believe it was my first finished outfit that I did for Halloween, a witch with outfit, jewelry, the broom (with his included time exposure), the skin, the shape, a cauldron and other small accessories. I have never done something like that before and I felt very proud when I finished it.

What outfit would you love to create and have not been able to do it?
Silks that have a pretty flowing movement, I am always wrong with the lower part, they always look like colored but flexible boxes (he laughs).

Is to design in SL a “real” way of gaining $ for you in the real life?
Not so far. Even if i would like that my priority is being to be able to specify my ideas and materialize my creativity. I have no expectations in this way (gaining money)…

Do the people who know you in RL know of your work here?
My best friend (whom I know for 9 years) knows and supports me. My partner also and some of my other friends know of SL and what I do here but most of them are not sure if that it is a good way of spending time … (she smiles).


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To be continued …