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and here is the second part of the interview. Again it is in spanish original, so i have to translate it with a webtool. I am sorry for language mistakes i didn’t get with first reviewing 🙂

Here is the original for everyone being able to speak spanish: Original interview in spanish

For the rest. Here ya go:

Has to create here influenced your character somehow?

Oh yes, I had always been creative but the only form in which I had shown it was with my artwork which I placed in galleries online … with SL I got the possibility of being creative of many other ways and that has given me more creativity and has helped me with my self-esteem when the people say to me that he likes what I do … and really, he needed this help with the self-esteem… I believe that it changed to me in the way of knowing that I can do more than I believed that it was capable to do.


Is your style in SL the style of youself in RL or do you dress Chandni of the kind in which you dream to dress yourself?

More the second one, it would be my style if it would be able to wear something like that … (she laughs).

I have talked with designers of Israel, of Japan, North American, of Germany and in someone it is possible to detect his nationality in what they believe … in your case: would you say that your style is European?

I believe that mine is the style Chandni (she smiles). I do not look what others wear, it is rather the way that I see or imagine something that I would like to do. It can be something from the United States, India, China or any other place. A big eclecticism … as me.

Do you believe that it is an advantage of a virtual global world as this one?

Yes, to be able to know more of other cultures and countries and to know the people of the whole world with a simple teleport are a fantastic advantage.

Do you have more opportunities of this cosmopolitan contact here than in RL?

Well, I live in the capital and many cultures coexist here certainly … but in SL it is much easier especially because the people can be what they want to be … without having problems that someone says to him that it is ugly and that he does not want to know them better or without having to feel uncomfortable because the one they talk to is in a wheelchair for example. It is a shame that this is slightly frequent in RL but the reality the fact is that here it is easier.

Do you believe that the people with some physical disability here feel more free?

I know that I feel it, I cannot speak for everyone – i cannot look into their heads – but I believe that some feel like that.

How much time do you dedicate to SL?

It depends on how i feel, and if and what i want to create. There are days that I want to design jewelry and am busy with that since I get up until I go to bed but I always try not neglect my partner in RL, not with my partner or friends in SL.


How many outfits have you created till now?

Complete ones approximately 25, then there are separated pieces.

You said that you have friends of RL here: do you have separated lives?

Yes, but we even do things together.

Do they buy the things that you create?

If I would accep money of my friends … yes they would buy from me (she laughs). But some of them wait to buying when I am not connected and then it cannot do anything against that…

That speaks that well about your friends… Why did you come to SL and why did you remain?

I came for curiosity and remained because I found a real second [b]life[/b].

And your name … does it hide any history?

It is funny that the people ask me constantly if I am from India because Chandni is a name of this culture. I heard it in an Indian movie and I liked liked. On the following day I opened my account in SL and chose it as my name … the surname is the only one that did fit the name…

Since I must say that it has been a pleasure to chat with you Chandni … would you like to add anything on you, on your designs?

Well… maybe this: nothing is impossible and do not be afraid of me, I do not bite (she laughs).


[0:00] Antonella Munro: I am in pyjamas now, super commode in house, it is 3:00 am for me
[0:00] Chandni Khondji: hehe me too, here it is 8:00 am:)
[0:01] Antonella Munro: but this sight foto:-): what is the magic of SL! … Amazons in pyjamas
[0:01] Chandni Khondji: *laughs*
[0:01] Antonella Munro: It seems to me that to this interview I will call it like that 🙂

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