Thank you for purchasing the Amorette complete costume by *~*HopScotch*~*. So many items are in this package of the female Amor that i list the items and their features for you to have an overview 🙂


A fullprim outfit consisting of:

  • highly detailed bra top with flexi silks in the back and lots of sculpted hearts and pearls in the front (with slight bling)
  • also highly detailed bottom part with flexi silks in the front, back and each side and sculpted hearts in front and pack.
  • A copy of my Valentine Shoes with a white base, sculpted hearts, decoration of rubies and bling

Jewelry consisting of:

  • highly detailed armbands with flexi silk and sculpted hearts
  • highly detailed thighbands with flexi silk and sculpted hearts
  • a sculpted heart hairclip with little diamonds and a golden heart


  • Hair: The partly flexi hair can be clicked for a menu where you can choose from over hundret colors. The base of the hair is a white texture, so the colors will be good visible.


  • A Fullprim Bow (attaches at left hand) including pose and when you go to mouselook you can shoot arrows in people’s heart 🙂 (the arrows are temporary, so they will vanish automacially if you forget to pick them up with ‘pickup’-command in open chat)
  • A fullprim Arrow to attach to your right hand for a perfect picture of shooting a bow. There are two versions in the set, one with heart particles coming out of the arrow-tip, and one without particles.
  • Wings: yeah right *g* they are flexible, and clickable -> menudriven. With that menu you can turn on/off flapping, increase and decrease speed and degrees of flapping. (the wings itself are mod, the scripts not)

If you want to turn on or off bling just time

/1bling on
/1bling off

to do that 🙂

The costume is (besides some scripts) full modifiable so you can adjust it to your needs and size.

You can get the costume and more in my inworld store *~*HopScotch*~*, Doomaekkot (114, 119, 41). Feel free to come in.