Made of finest Porcelain and Glass this shoes are a real feast for the eyes. They have walksound and sexywalk included. Here some information for using it 🙂

Q: What if I don’t like the sexywalk or want to use my own?
A: There are two left shoes in the pack. One is with sound and animation, the others is not. In case you don’t want the animation wear “Porcelain and Glass Shoe left”

Q: I like the walk but that sound is driving me nuts. Can i lower the sound or turn it off?
A: Click on the left scripted shoe. You will get a menu popup for soundcontrol. There you have 10 volumes to chose from (default is 10) and a “sound off” button. When you want to have sound again, click the shoe again and click “sound on” 🙂


The shoes itself are modfiable to adjust them to your needs, the scripts, animations and sounds are not modifiable. Everything is copyable so please make a backup copy before you adjust them in case something goes wrong or SL is bitchy 🙂

You can get the shoes and more in my inworld store *~*HopScotch*~*, Doomaekkot (114, 119, 41). Feel free to come in.