You’re a playgirl? Or a playboy? Like dices and colors? Do you wanna show how much you like to play around? Then take those chokers 🙂 They are made of dices. The Normal version are white dices with black dots, the dark ones are black dices with white dots.

The white parts of the dices are colorchange. The fun with it is, when you click the choker the dices/dots change the color randomly, you have absolutely no control 🙂 They are pure fun.

The chokers are modifiable, so you can adjust it do your needs and wants, and it is also copyable so you can make a backup copy before you change it, in case something goes wrong or SL is bitchy again. With rezising them the boys can wear them too 🙂

You can get it and more in my inworld store *~*HopScotch*~*, Doomaekkot (114, 119, 41). Feel free to come in.