The Triple Moon is a “Triple Goddess” symbol (probably originating from Classical Greek lunar symbolism), depicting three phases of the moon: waxing crescent, full moon, and waning crescent. By some Wiccans used in colours symbolic of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

This triple moon comes with texturechanging gem parts on the necklace and the moon itself showing the colors of the 5 elements. A simple click on the necklace is enough to get the popup menu to chose your element.

The necklaces are modifiable (not the scripts), so you can adjust it do your needs and wants, and it is also copyable so you can make a backup copy before you change it, in case something goes wrong or SL is bitchy again.

You can get it and more in my inworld store *~*HopScotch*~*, Doomaekkot (114, 119, 41). Feel free to come in.