While SL is still being somehow bitchy and i am working on the silks so they will work perfectly, i needed a little break from scripts and glows *grins* and imagined a nice day at the beach.

Enjoying a walk through the half wet sands, listening to the gulls and the waves, feeling the warmth… *sighs* so nice. So this inspired me to do these pants: sand-colored with little footsteps all over the leg (front and back), a little palm silouette on the back pocket and with a dark brown belt being held in place by a footprint buckle.

The pants are modifiable, so you can adjust it do your needs and wants, and it is also copyable so you can make a backup copy before you change it, in case something goes wrong or SL is bitchy again.

You can get it and more in my inworld store *~*HopScotch*~*, Doomaekkot (114, 119, 41). Feel free to come in