Gorean open Bath
I wanted to do something different for a change, so here i made some exterior and interior stuff for the Home i just moved in and decided to sell it as well, maybe someone likes it πŸ™‚

This gorean open bath has some nice features and will be the perfect addition to your garden or home. It is packed in a rez faux box for easy positioning πŸ™‚

It contains – of course – the two bath pool-like tubes with splashable water – it makes a splash sound when you get in and out and shows splash particles on the surface. The water is also animated to give it a more realistic view.

The curtains around it are made to block the view from noisy neighbours *winks* and can be opened and closed by a touch-menu. You can open/close them all indivually, so you decide which side is closed and which open. (if you like to have them all together closed/opened simply link them together πŸ™‚ ) Of course the curtains are phantom so you can walk through.

The fire above can be turned on/off by chat-command so you can decide if you want it hot or not *winks*

Bath in the pleasure of coolness or warm breeze, warmed by the fire above hold by chains in privacy or open your bath for everyone to watch the beautiful serve of Your’s. It’s Your choice πŸ™‚

All Prim Parts are mod/copy, so you can adjust the texture or size to your needs and wishes. Please make a backup copy before you do so, in case SL messes up or something goes wrong. The contents like scripts & textures are only copy.

Gorean Kitchen
This kitchen has some features in it i would like to present.

1) Primcount
You can place out what you with to vary the primcount. The different options have a primcount as follows:

– Firelog holder -> 5

– Hearth: with rotating meat (seperate object) -> 17; without rotating meat -> 15

– kitchen: including linked dishes, pan, pot, bowl of cutlery, vessels, cutting board and watersink -> 43 (if you know how to unlink certain objects you can do that and take the object to reduce primcount)

– winerack with barrels and bottles -> 25

2) Animated

– Meat on stick: on touch the meat starts to rotate, it has 3 different stages of speed, so the first touch will let it rotate slowly, the second touch a bit faster and the third again faster. A fourth touch will let it stop. So you can be sure your meat will be as cross or light as you wish πŸ™‚

– soup in kettle over fire: when you touch the soup itself it will start to boil, on a second touch it stops again.

3) fire
The fire over the hearth can be turned on and off with channel command. The fire has also some light radius of 8 meters and will touch your room in soft light.

4) giving contents (to everyone who touches)
– soup kettle over fire: on touch of the kettle it will give you a bowl with tasty soup with custom animation to ‘wear’ and eat

– dishes: touch the upper dish for a dish with custom animation to ‘wear’ and eat

– Bowl of cutlery: on touch you will get a fork and a spoon to ‘wear’

– Horn: on touch the Horn will give You a horn to wear (with drink animation)

– barrels: there are four barrels with: Ale, Beer/Rence, Mead and Kal-da touching the barrel will give you the option to choose information about that drink and/or the drink itself in a vessel to drink πŸ™‚

– bottles: 6 bottles are present to quench your thirst with: Turian Liqueor, Turian Wine, Ka-la-na, Paga, Sul-paga and Ta Wine. Touching the bottles will give you the option to choose information about that drink and/or the drink itself in a vessel to drink πŸ™‚

Every prim is mod/copy to adjust the kitchen to your wishes and taste, the scripts are only copy, the content that is given out varies, but all are copy/trans, so you can let your visitors get a drink or food as well *smiles*

You can get these and more in my inworld store *~*HopScotch*~* Phenix Island (31, 26, 488). Feel free to come in.