Hello everyone,

since i knew the last location has been temporary i send my big thank you to Cale Alcott who has been so nice to give me and my vendors a shelter for that time. Now i finally have my own piece of land for the shop and that means that i am finally moving to a (hopefully) permanent location.

The store has been build by Cale Alcott and for that another big thank you (take a look at the pic and i promise you if you have glow enabled it looks even better) *grins*and is next to his store (together with Damian’s Desires and Guinni’oi’Tony), so please feel free to take a look at his stuff too *smiles*

I’d love to welcome you there, vendors, subscriber, lucky chair everything is already over there, so all that is missing are you *grins* You will now find uns at:

*~*HopScotch*~* Schendi Isles (121,86,511). Feel free to come in and enjoy the new design.