Finally after some work i finished my new silks: Celtic Silks. They are decorated with celtic knot gems and little gems all around, the trim of the fabrics show beautiful gold celtic tribal designs.

You can wear them ‘topless’ with a nipplechain with tassels, with a top, or combined as well as with or without panties. Included are Bottom, Nipplechain, Armbands, anklets, bracelets and 11 tops and panties.

The Silks are HUD menu driven to change between 11 fabric colors, over 25 metals, over 15 gems and 11 steps of glow for metal, gem, fabric seperately or for all together. The HUD is of course included too.

Everything but the scripts is mod/copy (scripts are copy), so you can adjust them to your needs and size, but please make a backup copy before, in case something goes wrong.

You can get them and more at *~*HopScotch*~* Schendi Isles (121,86,511).