Hello out there,

many of you have seen it already, the open sims will change. For me that will mean, that i cannot afford my land anymore, so i have to change the shop location again, although i thought i will be able to keep it now. I am already searching for a place i can afford so the move will happen smooth without closing down the shop. Just be prepared for another move, and i will have a special gift for my customers after the move to thank you for keeping up with the moves in the last months.

Besides that there are some teleporting issues. Obviously it is for many people – including myself – not possible to TP to my store, and they are thrown out in the middle of the teleport at the sim corner. I am sorry for that, but i cannot change it, only hoping that LL will react on my report.

Until then – when you come and visit please note, that the shop is still there. I know it is a lot of effort, but when you want to come along, please make sure to walk over the sim borders to Schendi Isles and then fly up to 500 Meters (flying is enabled). Let us hope that LL will solve that soon and thank you for your patience *smiles*