Make yourself a present for your love or someone you want to surprise. This does not only work for christmas, also for birthday, eastern, just in between and any other occassion you like to make someone a special gift.


The giftwrap can be changed in color and metal. Over 40 different colored fabrics and over 20 different metals waiting for you. Fabrics and metals can glow in 10 steps and turne off, seperately or both together, to make you shine for the special moment. *smiles*

And on touch the gift wrap can be touched, pulled and ripped of your body, you can for sure control who may do that with giving permission or not when someone touches them. Also you can ban people from being able to do anything with them.

Included are the top, the bottom and the HUD to change.

Everything but the scripts is mod/copy (scripts are copy), so you can adjust them to your needs and size, but please make a backup copy before, in case something goes wrong.

You can get them and more at *~*HopScotch*~* Schendi Isles (121,86,511).