This set of silks is meant to hold yourself warm in winter, including a cape, boots, the silk top, bottom, armbands, bracelets and a thighband. Of course for everyone who is shy or do want to keep the lower bits warm there is a prim panty part included.


The Leather will always stay the same, the fur parts are changeable with 22 different fur textures. For that attach the “Wild Thing – HUD”, click on it and choose ‘Fabric’, then choose the one you like *smiles* The HUD attaches on ‘Center 2’ but can be relocated if needed.

The boots are resize scripted. to change the size click on each boot part and choose the degree of size change 1, 5 or 10 % smaller or bigger. There is also a reset function to bring it back to the original size *smiles*

The pouches at thighband and armband are also scripted. You can fill them with objects, notecards, animations, gestures, textures, sounds, bodyparts and clothes. They can carry each 12 of them. When something is in them to give out you can click them and choose *smiles* If nothing is in there you will get an error message, do not worry about that *winks*

All prims are mod/copy, so you can adjust them to your size, shape, needs. Just make a backup copy in case something goes wrong, we all know SL, right? 🙂

You can get them and more at *~*HopScotch*~* Schendi Isles (121,86,511).􀀁