Greetings out there 🙂

After i said already that this month the sim i am on will be merged with 3 others to a full sim, that means that there will be some stuff going on that needs time.

So i won’t have a time where i have to close my shop i moved to a new location. If only for December or longer will be seen after the merge *smiles*

The layout of the new store bases also on the poll last days. I placed out single displays of the newest things and bestsellers, the rest will be found on XStreet SL, so you won’t miss anything i ever released *smiles*

Next to the subscriber in my shop there is now also a SL Group called *~*HopScotch*~* you can join with clicking the sign in the shop or doing a search in the groups. Enrollment is free of course.

The Peace on Earth Hunt Globe is already placed in the new store (a copy so do not worry if you land in the old store 🙂 ). The old location will be there until the sim goes down, so you have some time to update your landmarks 🙂

Until then, i’ll be happy to see you at *~*HopScotch*~*Black Dahlia (124,103,22)