I think this will be my last Christmas item for this year *gg* After i released the jingle bell boots i thought what is about those who do not wear boots, like slaves, kajiri?

So here is a Christmas Camisk, made of rich dark green and red fabrics with golden and beige elements, hold by a fir needle belt decorated with holly, berries and bells.


And when you walk the bells make sound. If you don’t like to hear the sound, if it is too loud or not loud enough, click the skirt part and choose your volume, including off.

Also included are slave paper holders, one for each leg with notification when someone resquests your papers. And for the spirit of Christmas one notecard in there is the Wishlist for Santa *smiles*

Everything but the contents is mod/copy (scripts, sounds are copy), so you can adjust them to your needs and size, but please make a backup copy before, in case something goes wrong.

Black Dahlia (112/125/22)