Greetings and hello *smiles*

*~*HopScotch*~* will hold a monthly “Avatar of the Month” Photocontest where the winner can win a prize worth 500 Linden and will be displayed in the shop.

January’s subject for that is: “Daydreaming”

When do you daydream? What do you daydream? What can happen when you daydream in the wrong moment… let your fantasy flow *smiles*

How does that work?

It’s pretty easy *grins* You make a picture with something you bought in my store, no matter if clothing, jewellery, hair, objects…. whatever you like, and all that to build a picture to the subject of the month.

The Basic image is to be done in Second Life, but you can postwork it in a graphic program (photoshop, paintshop, gimp, whatever you use). Please do NOT add your name inside the picture. *smiles*

Deadline for the January contest will be January 31st Midnight SLT (So you have until the end of the month *g*).

This picture you can send either to me:
1. Open a notecard and call it “HopScotch AotM – (ie. HopScotch AotM January – chandni khondji)
2. write your name into it, the item you used, maybe some additional words if you like how you got the idea to the pic or such and put in the picture (make sure it is full perm so i can use it later in case you win)
3. Send the notecard to Chandni Khondjior in the flickr group of *~*HopScotch*~* that you can find here:
Please add the Tags “HopScotch” and “AotM” and also add your avatar name so i know it’s your entry *smiles*

What is the Prize?
The winner can choose an item in the store for 500 L$. If there is something that costs more the difference has to be paid (i.e. The price of the item is 600 Linden, 500 are won, to be paid are 100 *smiles*).
Additional to that the picture will be displayed in the mainroom until the end of the year, with your name of course *smiles*

If you have any question please feel free to IM me, if i am not online i will answer as soon as possible *smiles*

I hope you will have fun with that *Grins* I am looking forward to many entries.