The moment i stumbled over a wind chime a friend used with permanently jingling and driving me nuts i knew what i needed to do. So here it is.


This windchime has included two different sounds, one more loud one more subtle. Both are played in random order at random times. So you have times when there is silence, in others you hear a subtle jingle, in others the jingle is a bit louder. Just like a real windchime, completly randomly.

If you in any case do not like one of the sounds or just want one of them to be played at random times feel free to remove the sound you do not want from the chime’s inventory (copy them in your inventory in case you like to change later 🙂 ).

For those cases and to resize the chimes i made it modifiable and because we all know SL and how it works sometimes i made it also copyable. If you intent to change anything please make a backup copy before.

A ‘demo’ you can see in my shop. It’s hanging in the season corner on the lower floor in a quite big size. Enjoy!

You can find it at *~*HopScotch*~* Come in and take a look *smiles*