Made of black and bloodred pearns this necklace is pure pleasure for the eyes, and the little blood drops in the front just tell some neckbiters “come to me i have something sweet for you”.

‘Vampire’s Appertizer’ comes in the plain version and in a scripted version.

The unscripted one you can use just a simple jewellery or to put in your own scripts.

The scripted version is ToKon enabled and is also my first ToKon collar. (If you don’t know what ToKon is look here.) It does NOT have labelling, colorchange or a bell (just in case that is important for you). Here

Chest and spine versions included in both packs. The collars are copy/modfiy.

In the scripted version only the prims are modifiable, the scripts are only copy. So you can always adjust it to your needs and size, but please make a backup copy before 🙂

You can find it at *~*HopScotch*~* Come in and take a look *smiles*