It is here, the Go Fly A Kite Hunt. *hooray* Here a few questions and answers that might come up so you will hunt smoothly:

1: What are we searching?
You will search nice bright yellow kites *grins* They look like the one on the poster you see at most participating stores.

2: Where do we start?
You can start *everywhere* at any participating store. No matter where you start the given next locations will help you going in a circle so you in the end are back in the store where you started.

3: There are no Landmarks to next location in the given folder?
Yes that is true. You will be given a folder with the gifts of the shop. AND you will get a green text (or what color your IM text has) in your LOCAL CHAT window. This will give you the name of the next location AND the SLURL of it. Click on the SLURL, it opens a Landmarkwindow and click on Teleport – tadaaa.

4: I do not see the shop/kite.
Look at the location name given to you and then look around. Sometimes you are in a mall and you first need to find the right shop. Then ‘Let it rez’ during Hunts and lately in general it is super laggy. Wait before you shout *smiles*

5: okay i did all that and i still don’t see it.
Join the hunters group (click a poster and use the group button to get the invite *G*) and ask nicely for a hint. The people there love to help you but do this in their spare time and cannot do anything else during that time. So be patient and nice 🙂

No need to. You have a complete Month for all locations. Take breaks, deep breaths, make dinner, go into cinema and dance, and then go on after refreshment. *grins* It is ALL about fun, for hunters AND vendors.

7: Appreciation
All hunters give out items that they worked on for hours. And you get them for free because the vendors are nice. You should not demand to get it, appreciate it, look around in the stores, join subscribers, hit Midnight Mania boards, vote, shop and enjoy 🙂 And if you see a shop owner around THANK them for the gifts and the fun 🙂

And you really want to know what you are hunting for, don’t you? Okay… here are the pics of the items you will get from me *grins*

And IF you get stuck, ask Mister Penguin for a hint *grins*
So come now start here and happy Hunting!!

You can find *~*HopScotch*~* by clicking the link 🙂