After months having this in my inventory i get over and over reminded to finally release this already.

Are you roleplayer? Need something to shut your mouth more efficiently? Want to show people that you do not speak? Or have any other idea how to use it? Hooray, then here it is for you.


When someone clicks it you will get asked if you will allow this. If now you can ban the someone and will not be asked again. If yes, the clicker can touch, pull and rip the duct tape off your mouth accompanied by a piece of chat.

Included are male and female version. the prims are mod/copy, the scripts are copy, so you can adjust it to your size or maybe change the color etc. But please make a backup copy in case something goes wrong.

You can find it at *~*HopScotch*~* (third floor) Come in and take a look *smiles*