During the planning for my “Scarlet letter hunt” item i browsed through a bunch of kinky online stores for inspiration. Well it worked pretty well and i have a bunch of new things on my to-do-list *Grins* One of them i just released.

I saw that collar with long chains connected with nipple clamps and immediately wanted to build something like that. I added also some bells and a tiny cute little lock in the back to it.

It is ToKon scripted so you need the ToKon slave/Owner HUD to use it. (If you don’t know what ToKon is look here.)


The features are among many other ToKon features:

  • Labeling for up to 11 letters
  • Colorchange in 3 color zones: Main base, outer trims and label
  • Bells
  • Leashing
  • The prims are copy/mod, the scripts are only copy. It is chest AND spine version included so you can wear it where you need or want.

    You can find it at *~*HopScotch*~* Come in and take a look *smiles*