Sorry i did not get to send this sneak earlier i was kinda busy *grins* But here you will see now what i have as giftie for the SLD Hunt Hunters out there.

It is a seating set with a table and four different colors seats – the seats have 3 custom poses to change on click (not freebie poses, i made them for these seats). They all have the shape of flowers so it fits perfectly in your garden for several themes like spring, fairies, ‘humans went tiny’ and and and. Or just because you like them *grins*


So how to get it. Participate in the SL Discovery Hunt. It has over 500 participating stores, so there are a LOT of gifts to get. But no need to panic the hunt goes over 2 months (!!!) so lots of time. There are several starting points too, just TP to my store and click the SL Discovery hunt sign for a notecard with LMs and information. And when you are there come and grab the seating set you can find in the magnifying glass, follow the footsteps and look around 🙂

You can find it at *~*HopScotch*~* Come in and take a look *smiles*