Ther are serveral Hunts going on at *~*HopScotch*~*, so i thought i’d give you all an overview about them and the prizes you can get. Lots of goodies are available, so make sure not to miss any *grins*

SL Discovery Hunt
Duration: May 1st – June 30st
Item to search: Magnifying Glass (Hint available at the hunt sign and footsteps to follow)
Prize: Flower seating group. 4 different colored seats with 3 poses each and a multicolor table.
Flower Seating Group

Through the looking glass
Duration: May 25th – July 4th
Item to search: Hand mirror
Prizes: ‘The Queen likes ’em red’ Necklace for the Girls, Club Ace Card Costume for the boys
TheQueenlikesemredPIC CardCostumeAceClubsPIC

OMG, it’s another hunt
Duration: May 30th – June 20th
Item to search: A red cupcake (Hint available at the Hunt board)
Prize: ‘Return to Sender’ a dress made of postage stamps

Fun in the Sun Hunt
Duration: June 1st – June 30th
Item to search: Beachball (Beachball steps to follow available)
Prize: Pool Dolphin with three fun poses

Bedtime Treasures Hunt
Duration: June 1st – June 30th
Item to search: Red Book (A hint is available at the Hunt board)
Prize: ‘All you need to sleep’ an attachable pillow (Texturechange with 10 textures), that triggers a pillow cuddling laying pose, with a glass of milk and a dish of cookies, which give cookies and milk on click

I hope you will enjoy the hunts and the prizes and that i’ll see you around at *~*HopScotch*~*.*smiles*