For ages since i have seen the movie for the first time, i wanted to do a gown inspired by “Gone with the Wind” and Miss Scarlet O’Hara. Now i sat on the roof of my stall on the Winterstock Sim and got in the winter and Christmas mood. And the inspiration came, with a little help of a friend how to start 🙂

The Red Gown has been first and was named after Scarlet herself and the Christmas Inspiration i got. Seeing it then when i was done i wanted to have a green version as well and called it Myrtle, since Scarlet did not fit the color *grins* For details of what is included please take a look at the pictures.

You can get the dresses in my main shop and my stall on the Winterstock Sim. Also the Red dress will be part of the Fashion-show on Winterstock next week *hooray*.