After i finished creating this new outfit, i had big trouble finding a name for it. Nothing i thought of i really liked. Well in my progress of thinking i thought about asking someone else. So i asked around on Plurk if anyone has an idea. I got several suggestions of which i had even more trouble to choose, so i opened a poll and let it open for a day.

The name that won is “Rebecca” and it was suggested by Lexi Morgan, the owner of Stellar. For the help she got the outfit in her chosen colour for free. Thanks again to everyone for helping me out, suggesting and voting on this matter. It was interesting to see what you all come up with

Rebecca comes with all clothing parts you can see on the pictures: Skirt, Shirt, Legwarmer Boots, Armwarmers and Scarf. They are all mod/copy so you can adjust them to your shape without problems.

You can get the dresses at *~*HopScotch*~*