For over a year i planned to do those earrings, each week when i was watching Star Trek i again remembered that, and then i forgot again. But NOW finally i made them 🙂

Based on the Bajoran Earrings know from the Series Star Trek.

Kira is named after the most famous Bajoran Officer serving on Deep Space Nine. The design is based on the one Kira is wearing, with some additional details like little gems and pearls.

The second design is based on the bajoran Flower named Lilac, which gave the earring the name.

The Metal and Gems are texturechange (16 gems and 2 metals) simple to change with touching the earring and choosing what you want.

Due to the no mod script the object ‘appears’ to be no mod, but it is besides that modifiable and copyable, so you can adjust it to the fitting size easily and make a back up copy.

Of course StarTrek ® is a registered trademark and related marks are trademarks by Paramount Pictures.

You can get the Earrings at *~*HopScotch*~*