A fun idea is coming to live. Winterstock – the Merry Christmas Sim so super beautifully built like a Christmas Valley including Market, Ferris Wheel and beautiful spots to enjoy the snow – set out a Tree to be decorated by the vendors of Winterstock.

The special thing about this decoration is, that it is filled with a special item for you. You get the decoration item AND the item in it – for only 25 L$. To know what you purchase just click on the deco and it will send you a picture and if available a landmark of the vendor’s shop.

And guess what. Yes i put something out as well. You will get a special Christmas “Candy Cane Windchime” that plays at random times a choice of 2 sounds – not like others a sound loop. *grins*

What do you have to look for? A Decoration that looks like two Candy Canes with a holly leaf:

Decorations will be added daily so make sure you check back!!

So where to find this great Tree with goodies? At the Winterstock Sim. Follow the Mainstreet (this is where you will land), it is in the middle of the road 🙂