Starlit skies twinkle above the chilly grounds. An owl disturbing the silence between the engraved stones decorated with traces of moss – the only hint of how long they stand and watch over everyone. But the owl is not the only living who’s eyes cast around.

Lilith 1

A girl sneaks between the marble trying not to make a sound as her flowing dress dances around her legs. Reminding of the old times of Ravens and stories of bloodsucking children of the night…

Lilith 2

Dark colors, flowery lace overlays on satin, decorated with playful bows. Lilith is a Victorian Gothic inspired dress that comes in 5 colors and if you like them all also as fatpack. Included is the dress and the gloves.

Lilith Black
Lilith Blue
Lilith Green
Lilith Purple
Lilith Red
Lilith Fatpack

The complete outfit is Mod/copy so you can adjust it to your shape.

Visit *~*HopScotch*~* to get it. 🙂