On Plurk i read about the Haitian Fundraiser that OMGWTF Barbecue started in Second Life. And i wanted to join in, so i made something i wanted to do for a long time. Whenever i saw a “Faith, love and hope” necklace in RL i wondered if there is one that fits me. I didn’t find one but i made one myself with several pendants on one necklace. Now i don’t have these pendants in SL of course, but i made my own interpretation of “Faith, Love & Hope” in SL and put it into a jewelry set containing a necklace, earrings and a bracelet.

Love is represented by a heart, Faith by a pentacle and hope by the peace sign.

100% of Proceeds go to the Red Cross International Response Fund. And there are lots of other goodies from other designers as well donating for the cause.

Come and get them at Scribble. 🙂