Don’t find the words or do not want to say them all over and over again? Instead you can just wear this leather-band necklace and everybody knows what you want to say, how you feel or what you think.

Say it!! comes with (so far) 44 different words. Each necklace has a texturechange script in it to change between 5 leathers and 5 metals, so it fits to many different outfits.

This is how it looks, and on the second picture you can see the words that are already available:

If you would like to have another word dangling at your neck please don’t hesitate to IM me in world (Chandni Khondji) and let me know what you would like to have. And if you want to gift them please drop me an IM with the name, which necklace you want to gift and an optional message and i will gladly drop them on your friends 🙂

They are also modifiable so you can adjust them to your shape or even make them big enough for guys. But please make a copy before so if something goes wrong you have a backup 🙂

Come and get them at *~*HopScotch*~* 🙂