First of all, some of you might ask “What is Pink Shirt day?” For that i will quote from the Second Life’s First Pink Shirt day Announcement Post from December Dollinger:

I was always picked on growing up, it wasn’t until high school that kids accepted me and the tormenting stopped… Pink Shirt Day is a wonderful anti-bullying campaign please read below to learn of how/why it started. I’d really love for you all to consider participating in whatever capacity you are able. Designers by making something for our customers to wear and for customers men and women alike to please wear pink this day and let other people know about this cause.

Pink Shirt Day started in a Nova Scotia high school, where a 9th grade boy was being bullied over wearing a pink polo shirt to school. A couple of grade 12 boys decided to take a stand against the bullying and wear pink in sympathy for the boy who had been so mercilessly prodded at. They went to a local discount store and bought 50 pink shirts, and distributed them amongst the other boys in their high school. They stood up for their fellow classmate and against the bullies, and made a real difference in someone’s life.

In a place like Second Life, Cyber Bullying runs rampant. In a virtual world where it is so easy to be anonymous and hide behind your pixels, many people find it the perfect environment to attack and belittle others. Unfortunately, this can lead to real life emotional distress, even to those who “disconnect” their Second Life and first life.

It is time that we all take a stand against bullying in all its forms. Why, in a community so small, should there be so much vitrol and mudslinging, when, if we band together, we become stronger?

This year, Pink Shirt Day falls on Wednesday, April 14th, and we are asking that bloggers and creators alike, who share a passion for peace and a hatred for bullying, stand up and make a difference!

So i have been picked on a LOT in my life and that is still the case. So for me it is an honor to be in a campaign that wants to raise the awareness and says ‘Stop, until here and no step further’.

For that i have three new releases. First a single Pose called “Stop!”, and a 3-person-pose called “Together we are strong!”. And an outfit containing jeans and a pink shirt called “Gimme Pink”

They all are available for only 1L$.

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