In only 4 hours it is July 1st and what does that mean? YES! Operation Squeegee opens its doors – whooohoo.

For those who do not know what Operation Squeegee is here a quote from their homepage: “Operation Squeegee exists to raise funds and awareness for the National Wildlife Federation. It’s purpose is to bring together concerned individuals within the SL community, and does not condone any activity that violates copyright, defames any organizations or individuals, or is abusive or harassing.”

A bunch of fantastic merchants, DJs, Bloggers and other came together from all over the world and do not only raise awareness but also contribute to collect funds to donate to the NWF. And I am proud that i’m allowed to participate as well.

*~*HopScotch*~* contributes something for the merfolk out there in the world of Second Life, with the thought that those will be thankful when the NWF can help their wildlife friends.

ATTENTION: The Poses are made for Merfolk, to fit the tail the feet are folded into the legs. If you use them without a tail it WILL looks akward – pleae be aware of that if you want to use it without a tail, that you may want to cut off the feet of your picture 🙂

100% of this sweet Little Friends Pose are going to the NWF. Included in the Pose are also the little fishes.

Operation Squeegee - Little Friends

50% of these Poses are going to the NWF. They are including the fishes/shell (depends on the pose)

Operation Squeegee - Huggles
Operation Squeegee - Hello out there Operation Squeegee - Little Treasure

Also also 50% of proceeds will go to NWF of this beautiful Mermaid Clam including 5 poses (including the pearl, shell-horn and fish)

Mermaid's Clam

But! There’s more 🙂 Especially for this event, I teamed up with SySy Chapman from SySy’s, and together we created Scuba outfits for both Male and Females! Each set comes with: the scuba outfit in all layers, 4 scuba diving poses, a snorkle and flippers! Black and Green for the males, Black and Melon for the ladies :)(50% of the proceeds go to the NWO)

SySy/HopScotch Collaboration: Scuba - female - black  (Operation Squeegee) SySy/HopScotch Collaboration: Scuba - female - melon  (Operation Squeegee) SySy/HopScotch Collaboration: Scuba - male - black  (Operation Squeegee) SySy/HopScotch Collaboration: Scuba - male - green (Operation Squeegee)

These items are all available at the Squeegee sim, opening July 1! Don’t miss the awesomeness of everyone participating and check the Homepage for regular updates 🙂