This week i have something completly different for you. Wall Decals. Those are transparent objects with writing or other decorative graphics on them to pimp your walls 🙂

First i wanted to make only funny ones but during making them i changed it to a mix. So now you can get a pack of 4 wall decals showing the following (for Humpday TODAY for only 69L$) (Click on the image to see a bigger view):

  • A tree on grass with birds in the sky
  • love writings and doodles
  • A kid’s drawing with the writing “The biggest drawing block is just good enough” (tintable in 2 color zones – writing and drawing)
  • and a writing like for punishment “I must not write on walls (sorry mom, did not have any paper left) ” (tintable in one colorzone)
  • They are indeed transparent, i had to put them on a wall so i would not have a transparent ad 😉

    Come and get them at *~*HopScotch*~*

    To see what else you can get today for a special deal, please visit the Humpday Happiness Blog and the Humpday Happiness Flickr Group 🙂

    What else have i used for the ad?
    Wall: ::Modest House:: Freebie Skybox