Exodi and WoE are having a huge Halloween Event and Ryker Beck (the owner of Exodi) offered designers to pace a reward prize for it, and it sounded like so much fun that i could not say no.

There will be prizes from Exodi, WoE, LuNi, Baustein, SySy’s, !bang, Dreams, Experimental Studios and Frooti. From *~*HopScotch*~* you will get this poseset called “on the case”, with two magnifying glasses (with and without an eye in the front) and three poses for the fun of playing detective:

On the Case Poses for Murder at Skull Creek

Now what is it?
It is a Murderhunt at their sim and if you did not hear about it already, here a description from their notecard:

“Rumors of my death have NOT been exaggerated. ” -Dick Wiesel

Owner of :. WoE .: and long-time Skull Creek resident, Dick Wiesel, has been killed tragically in an ‘accidental’ homemade fireworks explosion. His partner, Ryker Beck, insists it was no accident and is begging someone to solve the murder and find out who killed her partner.

The list of suspects is long. The list of prizes being offered in reward for solving the crime is even longer. :: Exodi :: and :. WoE .: are so intent on catching the villain behind this heinous tragedy, they’ve enlisted several of their friends and fellow creators to sweeten the reward.

The police have the sim on lockdown until tomorrow, October 18, but after that, they’ll need your help in solving this murder. Are you up for the challenge? Grab your detective’s notebook at the starting point and let the sleuthing begin!”

So you will be hunting for a murderer, look for clues, talk with suspects and if you get it all together you confront your suspect and for solving the murderer there will be tons of prizes waiting for you that you can only grab if you solved the murder-case. But no worries, it is so much fun and not too hard.

And how and where can you play?
That is easy. Here are the instructions and pictures to the prizes and here is the location. I hope you will have TONS of fun doing this little hunt 🙂