Right in time for Halloween I found a costume I once started but never finished. So i took some time and did that for this year. You will be able to find a male and female version of the “Patchwork Human” at *~*HopScotch*~* at the Halloween Wall 🙂

They both come with shape, skin, prim eyes, mouth-grid and clothing (male = pants, female = top and skirt) the female also has patchwork hair.

The skin is made of different skins, mixed together what I found in the leftovers section held together by bridge bars, for the woman the hair is also put together by single strands of hair i could find and i only found two different eyes so i used those. *MUHAHAHA* Some rags to cover the bits and tadaaa, decorated with a mouth grid so they won’t scream in pain and the patchwork human is done.


If you would like to gift them, please use the marketplace for the male and female Patchwork humans.

Hope you enjoy, you can get the set at *~*HopScotch*~*