From November 5th to 26th ThanksGIVING Food Market in Second Life will happen. If you do not know what this is here a description from their homepage:

“ThanksGIVING is in it’s second year! This year we will be holding the one-day can drive and ThanksGIVING dinner, along with a three week long Community Food Market with creators from around the grid, like you! This event will be free to anyone who would like to join. All you have to do is set your items for sale in the barn provided. There is no group joining, no payment needed! The only thing that we ask is that you allow for a minimum of 25% of your proceeds go to the World Food Programme, part of the United Nations system that provides food to families in need around the world. You can donate between 25% and 100%, it’s up to you. Items for sale should be food or food-related in some way (pictures of food on clothing, candy necklaces, etc. all included). Setup will begin November 1st and continue throughout the month, you can join in the fun at any time!”

You can also watch this great video about it:

I am happy that i was allowed to participate in this great event. I placed several food related items in the ThanksGIVING barn among the other great designers.

50% of these items’ proceeds will go to the World Food Programme:
ALL MINE - Cookie
ALL MINE Cupcake
Bersheys' Bar Necklace
I love Cupcakes Seating Group
Candy Silks

75% of these item proceeds will go to the World Food Programme:
Cupcake Dress pink
Cupcake Dress blue

More information and how to join in you can find on the RC Cluster Homepage and come on over and have a good meal at the ThanksGIVING Food Market