Just a couple of minutes ago i installed a new fun system at HopScotch which has been made by the awesome owner of “Miao” Kesseret Steeplechase. It’s a “Scratch and Win” kind of thing. You buy a ticket, scratch off 3 circles and when they match you’ll win a prize!

I’ve been putting together a couple of things for you. One of those prizes will be randomly given in case that you win:

Scratch and Win

Pose Set 1 or
Pose Set 2 or
Say It! Shopaholic Necklace or
Saida Jeans Capri or
Facepaint Set – Flower/Butterfly

Each prize is transferable, so if you have it already, or got two times the same prize or think it is a great gift for someone you know, you can give it away or trade 🙂

A little note: You *have* to be on the shop sim so it works. As soon as you attach the Ticket you will get a landmark if you are not in the shop, so you don’t have to search for it first 🙂

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