First let me wish you all a happy new year, may lots of health and love be at your side 🙂

Then at Midnight did not only start the new year, but also the Props and Pose Fair – woot. Props and Pose Creators came together and give 50% of all their proceeds for charity: To be held at the Cheese sim, home to the Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate, an organization within SL whose events and efforts benefit the Out of the Shadows program that is part of the Epilepsy Foundation.

From *~*HopScotch*~* you will find a booth there as well and I have a fun and spectecular PROPS AND POSE FAIR EXCLUSIVE, that won’t be for sale like it is now after the fair. It is called “The Drama Club”.

The Drama Club

When you like theatre this is perfect for you and your friends:

– 7 Poses
The poses are custom made for this prop. Some of them can be used with other poses others are single poses. “Please” & “No” are meant to be a couple pose. Enjoy how it comes to you because up to 6 people can use this prop at once!

– Adjustable
They are adjustable in position and rotation if you need to fix a pose for your height or to put together a nice scene. Simply put /1a in open chat and follow the popup 🙂

– Curtains
The Sculpted Curtains are scripted to open and close on touch. Give it a moment when you only see spheres, since the sculpts have to load of course 🙂

Please visit the Props and Pose Fair and get those amazing creations from all those fantastic creators.

Taxi to the Props and Pose Fair