DON’T FORGET: Only 3 days left of *~*HopScotch*~*’s “New Year, New Stuff” Sale. Afterwards many products will be dicontinued, take your chance for a good deal.

“It’s a new year and I have a bunch of new ideas for future releases. Too bad is that my prims are going to be used up soon. So for this purpose I just marked a TON of items down 50% of more in their price to clean out and free some prims for new stuff!

The Sale includes stuff over all three floors, jewelry, clothes, silks, tattoos, poses and more. Some of the stuff will be retired completely some might be available at regular price on the marketplace later. So grab your change to get some great deals!”


“The Sale runs from now until end of the month and while you are there don’t forget to hunt for the previously posted hunt items :)”

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