I want to start something new for me. Every Months I want to give you a roundup of the last months releases by *~*HopScotch*~* and show you the awesome pictures bloggers and photographers have done with my products.

I know this might end up quite a big post, but I want to thank everyone out there who has been kind enough to use my stuff and had fun with them 🙂 Thank you! (In case I missed any of you, please don’t be sad, I appreciate everyone, i might just not have seen your pictures :))

Pictures and Blogposts

Evelyn Hartshon used my trampoline in her post “Bounce around”

VikiRose Ansar used ‘Covered in Rain’ Poses and prop in her post “52 Weeks of Colour Catch-up Part 1”

Shayariel Teardrop-Congrejo used poses and prop from ‘The Elementalist’ in “Dead by Sunrise”

Evangeline Miles used ‘Poser-Roo’ Poses in her post “Bug-A-Boo-Berries @ The Mee & Roo Event”

Darkley Aeon used my ‘Sculpted Gown Poses’ in her post “Meanwhile in the shadows”

Meadow Carlucci wore my free ‘Sunflower necklace’ in her post “Again a hot sunny day…”

Feles Seitan used one of my ‘Poser-Roo’ Poses in her post Mama Needs a New Pair of ‘Roos

July Releases

Bounce around
Bounce around - Full Jump

Floating Meerootreat
Floating Meerootreat

I ❤ You Couple pose
I <3 you