As some of you might have heard there is a new Harry Potter based Roleplay coming to Second Life. I’m gonna be part of it and got inspired to some poses. There might come more, so don’t be surprised if you’ll see more of that 😉

Today I’m presenting you broom poses. The broom has been made by me, including the textures and the poses, which i am proud of 🙂 Each broom comes in 4 versions to represent the colors of the 4 Hogwarts houses.

First you have a set inspired by the game Quidditch called “Catch the golden ball”. Brooms and golden balls are included.

Catch the golden ball

The second set lets you pose with your broom for pictures etc. The brooms are of course also included in this set 🙂

Me & Broomy

The avatar on the vendor pics has teenager size. With a little bit of fiddling for broom size (it’s mod so feel free to change the size) and position you can make them fit for you, if you are smaller or taller.

Taxi to HopScotch