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First I would like to tell you what the Back to Black Event is. But nothing can be as good as the words from the organizers themselves, so I am going to quote from their website.

“CHIC Management began June 4th 2010 with our first event “The Black and Blue Fair”. Items were created and sold in a small venue with mental health facts printed on the walls, and information about mental health issues in note dispensers and put inside some of the product boxes (where designers agreed). CHIC all began with my passion to spread the word about mental health and its affect on absolutely everything we do. Including the people we know, how we interact with them, how they react to us… everything. We covered issues that were wide ranging like bullying, to more specific like anorexia nervosa. This February I’d like to go back to CHIC’s roots and using the reputation CHIC has accumulated over the years remind people about the serious issues that I feel so strongly about.”

As someone who is affected by several mental illnesses, I am honored that I could be part of this event. Especially happy I was when I saw that I got into the theme of “Family”, since my family (Blood and non blood one) is the most important part for me in my way to fight, endure and overcome my mental disorders. So I have a couple of new family poses for this event.



Jumpy Fun

Taxi to ‘Back to Black’