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These are partically animated poses – meaning that ONLY the arm is animated to make a wand movement. If you want to test them please do so, remember that your legs and the other arm will NOT be animated 🙂

Swish and Stab (100% of proceeds will go to Hogwarts:Your Story)

Included are 5 animations for the right and 5 for the left arm.

Also included are Gestures for those 10 Animations to start and to stop. These Gestures are packed extra, for those who need or want them.

100% of proceeds will go to Hogwarts:Your Story and are ONLY available in the Alley of Hogwarts: Your Story

Thank you to everyone on the sim, for making the last couple of months unforgettable! Keep on rocking 🙂

Taxi to the Alley Shoppes of Hogwarts: Your Story