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Most of you have heard about Cinema. For those that did not. Here a description from the Cinema hopemage:

Cinema will be an elaborately themed sim-wide event centered around one of our favorite past times… movies!

Starting October 13th, Cinema will bring you into a massive and beautiful, intricately designed multiplex cinema featuring 8 individually themed theaters. You’ll be immersed in the movie going experience, and in true Hottie Cooterati style, we will have some fun surprises awaiting you.

As always, our events are more than just about a shopping spree, we want to give you an experience, something to have fun with, and something you will remember.

Don’t worry though, the stores won’t fail you as a shopping event as well. They will be pushed to their creative limits to bring you inspired and themed items from the romance, action/adventure, scifi, horror, fantasy/musical, film noir… and…. XXX genres.

I am so super excited to be part of it. And my Genre is Sci-Fi. With me being a huge Sci-Fi Nut this was just perfect! I have releases for you from General Sci-Fi UFOs, over Star Trek to my love of Doctor Who. Hope you enjoy!

All of these releases are only available at Cinema for the duration of the event.

The Madman's big blue box

Fire at Will
Fire at Will - couple pose

Beam me up
Beam me up - rideable

Taxi to Cinema!