I am very excited! The Hogwarts Roleplay Sim ‘Mischief Managed’ is celebrating the opening of their brand new Diagon Alley with a fair filled with magical items from many designers: The Wizarding Fair! It will be open from today to the 20th!

I also bring you tons of new items for that fair, so let me show you what will await you!

~ Double Double Toil and Trouble ~
A small potion making table. It is scripted with 6 poses, and includes the spoon and flasks that are used for some of the poses.
Double Double Toil and Trouble

~ House of Slippers~
These slippers are in the house colours of Hogwarts. Since Ravenclaw has different colours in the book then it has in the movies I included both colours.
These slippers are designed for SLink Natural Barefeet but with some resizing and moving around they might fit other feet and avatar feet as well (They are mod so you can make them smaller or bigger etc).
House of Slippers

~ SLink Nail Appliers ~
The Nail appliers come in the 5 house colours (5 because of the Ravenclaw phenomenon) and a mixed Wizarding World pack. All packs include toe- and fingernail applier HUDs, and only work with SLink Fingernails, Hand and feet.
House of the Badger Nails House of the Eagle Book Nails
House of the Eagle Movie Nails House of the Lion Nails
House of the Snake Nails Wizarding World Nails

~ Always ~
A 3D Mesh Wall Decal using the Deathly Hallows as A next to written lways. Included are the black and the white version. It is modifiable so one can tint it to best fit their home. The symbol and the text can be tinted differently if so desired.

Hope you all enjoy! Taxi to the fair