Here it is finally! The Geek’n’Nerd Fair! The fair is open now and will run until December 8th and is full of geeky nerdy goodness!

I have lots of brand new items for you!

Kiss the cook
These are geeky Aprons, my very first rigged mesh item btw, for guys and girls, both are included as fatpack. Three aprons are Dr Who inspired, the other three are Star Trek Uniform inspired. Included for each Apron are 5 standard sizes for both genders. The Aprons are also material ready with a nice bump and shine if you use Advanced Lightning Model.
They are available as single versions, Trek Pack, Who Pack, and ALL Fatpack – demos are available
Kiss the Cook ApronsKiss the Cook - male Kiss the Cook-overview

SLink Flats
Inspired by a RL Blog for Do it yourself shoes I made this pair of flats for SLink natural feet. It might be possible to fit them to avatar feet, if you want to try feel free they are mod for that very reason 🙂
These flats are also inspired by Doctor who and you get two pairs: Bowtie Flats and Blue Box Flats. You can wear them as pairs or mix and match just as you like 🙂
Demos are available with resizer script, the actual shoes do not have that script inside.
Who Flats

It doesn’t do wood
This is a pose set, also inspired by Dr Who (surprise! lol). These poses include a mesh sonic screwdriver to work with the poses. It comes with 10 poses and should work for both genders – yay unisex!
It doesn't do wood

Geekucation Gacha
Now this gacha is full of books! Every book inside is handmade, including the textures. The titles of the books is where the fun comes in. 13 different versions, and all of them are inspired by different fandoms. From Star Wars, over Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dr Who, Harry Potter, Firefly and many many more. These books do not have real titles, they are all made up by me with help from friends.
Every prize comes with a holdable and a rezzable version of the books, each of them is 1LI
For an overview over the books in a proper size to actually read them please go here (Open in new tab/window to see a big size)

Taxi to the Geeks’n’Nerds Fair!!